Ice Cream

Aroma Joe's - Aroma Joe's cold brew and our chocolate make a mocha licious ice cream rippled with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Black Raspberry (GF) - Ripe black raspberry puree gives flavor to this creamy salute to summertime

Butter Pecan (GF ; CN) - Creamy, just-churned butter flavor ice cream with fresh roasted pecans

Cake Batter (CN) - Chocolate frosting swirled through yellow cake batter ice cream and shortcake crumbs

Camp Coffee (GF) - Like your first cup by a Maine wilderness camp fire - smooth and rich

Campfire S'mores (GF ; CN) - Chips of chocolate crunch, and then melt in your mouth when you bite into this graham ice cream oozing with marshmallow ripple

Cherry Blossom (GF) - Sweetly Sublime cherry ice cream bursting with plump dark Bordeaux cherries

Chocolate (GF) - Rich? Yup...creamy? Yup...chocolatey? Wicked! VOTED ICE CREAM GRAND CHAMPION

Chocolate Chip (GF ; CN) - Loads of dark chocolate morsels in classic vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Lovers Chocolate (CN) - Deep rich chocolate ice cream packed with chocolate truffles and chocolate cake crunch, and then finished off with fudge ripple

Cookie Dough (CN) - Big chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and plenty of chocolate chips change up this simple vanilla ice cream 

Cookies 'n Cream - Vanilla ice cream blended with broken cream-filled chocolate cookies

Cotton Candy (Smurf) (GF) - Pretty pink and Smurf blue ice cream that tastes just like the cotton candy you loved at the circus

Fly Fishing Fudge (CN) - M&M’s, cookie dough, and chocolate chunks jump in and out of a fudge river flowing through vanilla ice cream.

Grape-Nuts - Creamy…crunchy…quirky. Vanilla ice cream and real Grape-Nuts make this a New England favorite

I Scream for Cake - A bit of cake with rainbow sprinkles... and blue buttercream frosting...AND cake batter ice's a party in every spoonful!

Main Black Bear (GF ; CN) - A satisfying combo of sweet black raspberry swirled through vanilla ice cream with chocolate raspberry minimelts

Maine Maple Walnut (GF ; CN) - English walnuts in ice cream flavored by Maine maple syrup

Maine Wild Blueberry (GF) - Down east Maine wild blueberries lend their unique color and sweet flavor to this ice cream and the homemade blueberry ripple running throughout

Mint Chocolate Chip (GF ; CN) - Refreshing green peppermint ice cream sprinkled with dark chocolate morsels

Mississippi Mud Pie (CN) - Coffee ice cream stuffed with crushed cream-filled chocolate cookies and a whirl of chocolate-coated cookie crumbles

Moose Tracks (GF ; CN) - Peanut butter cups mixed throughout vanilla ice cream swirled with famous Moose Tracks fudge

Moo-Slide (GF ; CN) - Fudge ripples in rich, velvety coffee-liqueur ice cream with melty dark chocolate morsels

Old Fashioned Vanilla (GF) - Smooth, creamy, simply delicious and always made with pure vanilla VOTED WORLD'S BEST VANILLA

Peanut Butter Pied (CN) -  Graham cracker ribbon ties up rich peanut butter ice cream surrounding chunks of chopped peanut butter cups

Pink Peppermint Stick (GF) - Red and green peppermint crunch add zip to cool pink peppermint ice cream

Pistachio Nut (GF ; CN) - Get your pistachio fix without pesky shells! Tasty, real pistachios in every scoop

Sea Salt Caramel Truffle - A caramel lover's triple treat! Chocolate sea salt mini melts in sea salt caramel flavored ice cream rippled with... you guessed it... CARAMEL!

Strawberry (GF) - Real Northwest strawberries pack this sweet, creamy treat with the flavor of summer

Strawberry Cheesecake (CN) - Luscious cheesecake ice cream with Northwest strawberries and a graham cracker ripple

Southern Peach - Diced peaches submerged in peach ice cream... Deceptively simple... Simply sublime

Toasted Coconut (GF ; CN) - Subtly sweet coconut ice cream is loaded with chocolate-dusted coconut shreds, transporting your taste buds to their own private island.

Unicorn Delight - A magical mixture of 2 ice creams in one... sweet vanilla is fairy dusted with a pastel rainbow of confetti and then stirred together with ultraviolet bubblegum!


Cotton Candy



Blue Rasberry


Red Rasberry

Blueberry Pomegranate

Frozen Yogurt

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Blueberry Oat Crumble

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Pink Fla-Mango


Chocolate Chip



Blueberry Crumble

Chocolate Chip

Cranberry Apple








Black and White


Caramel Apple



Diet Coca-Cola

IBC Root Beer


Hot Coffee

Hot Chocolate (Seasonal)

Homemade Ice Cream Pies

The New England Pilgrim

Flavorful Pumpkin ice cream teamed up with our award winning Old Fashioned Vanilla, topped with Heath Crunch, and filled with the best fudge you will ever have!

Caramel Apple

Luscious layers of caramel, and our delicious award-winning Apple Pie Ice Cream.



Oero Crumble Supreme

Creamy Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, Layers of fudge, cradled between an Oreo cookie crust and crumbled Oero's on top.